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The team behind Prudour News are professional individuals whose experiences qualifies to the issues and headlines tackled by the website. The management carefully chooses journalists to ensure accountability and credibility are secured.

Meet Our Journalists

Amber Meyer (31843)
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Amber received her degree in journalism from the King's College London. She had worked with various media outlets both online and on paper. Her expertise tackles businesses and online advancements that target revenue for online publishers worldwide. As a full-time contributor to Prudour News, she aims to discuss more in-depth developments to serve the future entrepreneurs.
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Armand Chetty (32212)
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Armand is our most experienced digital marketer and journalist. He graduated from the Cardiff University, taking both film and journalism. Armand worked with various digital marketing agencies internationally, and have served multiple online publications over the past years. He also offers other services such as business strategy, fact-checking, and content management. He is now a full-time contributor to Prudour News.
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Constance Amakie Amate (31473)
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Constance has been a professional journalist for over five years. She received her bachelor's degree in journalism at the University of Johannesburg. Constance tackles a variety of topics. But, business and marketing headlines are what excites her the most. Constance also works as a beauty influencer and business start-up strategist.
+44 203 5148052

Hannah Smit (31641)
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Hannah is an entrepreneur and a professional journalist. She received her degree in journalism from the University of Leeds. As an online influencer, she aims to cover the development of Marketing and Advertising to share information that online publishers and business movers can benefit from. She is now a full-time contributor to Prudour News.
+44 203 6080527

Marco Johnsons (31624)
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Marco is our outsourced employee from the UK. Prudour News aims to centralize the coverage for virtual industries, therefore, expanding its partners from various locations. Marco is a professional journalist and has served multi-category news websites in the past. He earned his degree at The London School of Journalism.
+44 203 9365301